Fees for services Guides

The association promotes the associated tourists guides. Any other organizational and finantial relation must be kept with the single tourist guide you will contact for the service.




Price - Euro

Guided Tour - half day (up to 2 hours)
  • 140,00
Guided Tour - half day (max 4 hours) 180,00
Guided Tour - full day (max 8 hours) 270,00
Guided Tour - full day (max 10 hours) 320,00
Additional hour
  • 30,00
Excursions, walks and outings on demand
Other expences:
- Meals during a full day service: at the group's expenses. Otherwise a refund of the
  expenses is required.
- Contingent travel expenses from the guide residence to the meeting point with the group have to be agreed upon with the guide.
- Rates taxes included.
- Groups: To offer the best service, we consider that the optimal number of persons in the group   should not  exceed  35  (school groups max. 30 persons).
- Tourist leader: same rates as above. 
- Extra expenses:  Board and lodging, when necessary,  at expense of the group promoter.
- Delay at the appointment: please update constantly the guide about possible delay of the group, consider that 50% of this time will be included in the service period. In case of a lack of informations we guarantee at most one hour wait. 
Payment of the bill at sight, unless other agreements with the guide.
Services must be possibly canceled within the week before their beginning; 
Services canceled between the 72 and the 48 hours before their beginning will be charged at the 50%; 
After the 48 hours, or in case the group will not show up, the service will be charged the 100%
Rental of wireless microphones
To make the most of your guided tour, especially for large groups, we recommend the use of wireless microphones with headset. If you are interested, please contact the Audio Dolomites company (www.audiodolomites.it ), which offers a professional radio microphone rental service on site.



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