Our tours in the Dolomites

Our tours in the Dolomites

No other region in the Alps has probably raised so much interest, for so many different reasons, as the Dolomites: climbers, geologists, poets and naturalists have explored, studied and admired this marvellous and unique world. Recently, with the increase of mass-tourism, winter sports and for nature-lovers, the Dolomites have drawn the attention of a vast public. The Alps boast numerous high and lofty peaks, huge granite massives and rough glaciers, but those who have admired the perfect triad of the Cime di Lavaredo, the soaring Torri del Vaiolet or the legendary Catinaccio, those who have gazed at the daring architecture of the Dolomiti del Brenta, of the Pale di San Martino, of the massive Sassolungo or the imposing south face of the Marmolada, know the mysterious charm of these mountains. Poetic legends born from the fantasy of ancient shepherds and mountain populations come to mind. You can imagine in these bizarre rocky structures the fabulous Castles of Fanes, and every evening at sunset, the enchanted roses of King Laurino blossom upon the grey faces of the Catinaccio, and in the bright lunar night we can imagine small dwarfs spinning the moonlight into a cover for the heights of the Dolomites, thus called the “Pale Mountains”

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