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Exploring South Tyrol, Trentino and the Dolomites with all 5 senses


The "Network of South Tyrol’s Tourist Guides" is a group of qualified and professional guides authorised by the local administration board. Therefor, according to the local and national lows, we are entitled to perform the job of Tourist Guide.
One of the most qualifying aspect of our service is the attention we pay to the guests, to their requirements and to their sensibility, assuring a high standard of professionalism.
Together we will discover the many surprises offered by our province in every season and for every age. We will travel through the beautiful nature of South Tyrol, the Dolomites, the Nature Parks and the treasures of the Romanesque, Gothic and Baroque Art. We will visit ancient Castles shrouded in mystery and the Museums to encounter the history of the men of this land. One above all: Ötzi, the iceman of the Similaun, murdered more then 5000 years ago. We will enjoy the emotion of the Christmas Markets, the south tyrolean handicraft, the gastronomy, the tasting of wine and grappa.

Daniela Rizzi

Languages: Italiano

Sieglinde Widner

Languages: German, Italian

Martina Rabensteiner

Languages: German, Italian, English

Renato Cuccarollo

Languages: Italian

Andrea Vitali

Languages: Italian, German

Sabrina De Prà

Languages: Italian, English, French, Netherlands

Lina Montan

Languages: Italian

Keiko Sawayama

Languages: Japanese, Italian

Edith Hölzl

Languages: German, Italian

Marcello Beato

Languages: Italian, German, French

Luciano Vivaldo

Languages: Italienne

Antonio Peterle

Languages: Italian

Bruno Balduzzi

Languages: Italian

Silvia Cesco

Languages: English, Italian, German

Benvenuta Malpocher

Languages: Italian, German

Patrizia Bertolini

Languages: Italiano

Ada Bianchini

Languages: Italiano, Tedesco

Sonia Rappo

Languages: Italian, English

Monica Dallona

Languages: Italian, German, English, Russian

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