Advent - Christmas Markets

The magic of Christmas, where the north and the south are melting itself harmonically. A festivity of lights in the public squares and the alleys of the chief town.

Christmas of pleasure and rest: refined pastry shop, greediness for all the tastes and music invite to wander calmly in this city of cure.

The art and the history, noble fifth, the Christmas Market in the historical atmosphere of the ancient episcopal city with the splendid sculptures of light.

The Christmas Market in this medioeval city between the mountains with its traditional handicraft.

Christmas atmosphere in the ancient mining city: traces of a past for a long time forgotten are discovered everywhere. Every house tells its history.

Visiting the traditional Christmas Market in the capital town of Tyrol represents a very special experience.

The tradition of the Christmas Tree and the Christmas Market spread southwards. In the ancient Bishops' town an offer full of Christmas charm waits for us.